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We don't like talking about us, as a team of professionals we prefer to listen to what you have to tell us, focus on your needs and offer you the solutions you need.


Find out who will make your digital wishes come true


Mauro Piccillo

Webmaster & Developer

Mauro is the original Stolas. Whether it is generic technology, information technology or development, it continues to train on a daily basis, to offer the best when it comes to performance, user experience and elegant design.


Sara Corinaldesi

Social Media Manager

Sara is our Social guru. A few clues are enough to immediately understand how to best set up your company's communication with your audience, always obtaining excellent results.


Ida Chiara Nicotera

Brand & Marketing Strategist

Few people fully understand the importance of a strong and cohesive brand like Ida. Regardless of your sector, it will be able to give a unique identity to your brand, distinguishing you from all the competition.


Alberto Angelucci

Web Strategist

Alberto never stops talking and coming up with ideas. His funnels are incredibly convincing, sometimes we wonder why he keeps showing up here, but then he offers us the croissants and we stop investigating.

chi siamo


Complete solutions for digital marketing

The Stolas Informatica Agency can satisfy any digital need and more. Thanks to our network of partners and professionals, Stolas will be able to satisfy any communication need you may have ...


We identify what your needs are and offer you the best solution.

Social Management

We manage your social networks to communicate your message.

Web Development

We develop the site you want: showcase, portfolio, eCommerce or eLearning.

Celebrity endorsement

Our customers are the best testimonials


"With Stolas Informatica we were able to outline the best strategies for our online presence, embroidering the site on our needs and setting up a unique and emotional social communication!"

Francesca B.

Jewelery Designer


“I relied on Stolas Informatica for the management of several web portals abandoned by an unreliable web agency. The difference was obvious right from the start looking at the results they managed to achieve in a very short time! "

Federico C.

Business owner

chi siamo

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