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Balistreri Gioielli d'Arte is a historical and renowned reality in the High Jewelery design sector. Rightly so, such a high profile customer could not fail to be demanding. The company already had a website, developed however with an outdated technology, no longer aligned with the habits and needs of modern users. For this, it would have been necessary to create a website / eCommerce completely from scratch, which could convey the historicity and level of the brand. On the social media side, however, it was necessary to devise and set up a communication and ADS strategy from scratch.

Company info

Balistreri Gioielli d'Arte is a historical brand of Italian High Jewelery. Since 1948, the Balistreri maison has been designing unique and refined pieces for the international jet set. Furthermore, the brand collaborates with some of the most renowned companies in the sector for the production of high jewelery.

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The challenge

The Balistreri sisters, current directors of the Maison, they knew very well what site they didn't want, but they weren't quite clear about the possibilities regarding what could or could not be done for web development. The request was the design of a dynamic eCommerce, which could amaze users with originality and luster, just like their jewels. From the point of view of social media management, on the other hand, they had initiated a first ineffective and clear autonomous management. Although a jewel can speak for itself in terms of beauty and preciousness, the services provided by their brand are so extensive that they could not be deduced from the communication started.


To better meet and satisfy the tastes and needs of the Balistreri sisters, the Stolas Web Agency first provided several examples in terms of dynamic structures and effects. So, keeping in mind the best practice of web design and the final result desired by the customer, we began to build a dynamic and easy to navigate site, which knew how to amaze users in the pre-established pages, but not distract them when ordering. From a social point of view, our intervention gradually took over, testing various types of creativity to identify those that would most have stimulated the enthusiasm and interaction of the target audience. We evaluated which channels would have lent themselves more to the growth of the brand's notoriety, and time has proved us right: Facebook is undoubtedly the platform that best values the work of the Balisteri sisters.

The new site is beautiful, also thanks to our Stolas Web Agency brand reputation and our following on social media has grown dramatically!


First, we created an online staging environment, parallel to the historical site, so that it could remain online until the completion of the new eCommerce. In this way, the customer could also view the site and the latest updates at any time.

For the actual design and development, we proceeded in concert with the Balistreri, with weekly meetings to check the status of the work and make sure that our vision proceeded by mutual agreement.

After an initial period of analysis and evaluation of competitors and of the brand's activity on social channels, we have structured a communication strategy that would inspire the target audience, playing on the theme of "shining one's own light", as do the diamonds that illuminate the Maison's jewels. After having created and launched the corporate Meta Business Manager, an ADS strategy was carried out that would enhance the brand awareness of the brand and direct the target audience towards knowledge of the new website. At the same time, we launched lead generation campaigns to stimulate synergistic collaboration between brands.

The results

The new Balistreri eCommerce is a digital jewel, embellished with drawings and works of the founder, Aurelio Balistreri, animated to give a dynamic touch to the presentation of the historic brand, which changes and evolves continuously, without ever forgetting its origins.
From a social point of view, the brand is experiencing considerable success in terms of growth and interactions, with a significant increase in comments, shares and messages, with a satisfactory engagement rate. The social image we have created is that of a brand close to its users, with the dissemination of messages of encouragement and hope, of preciousness as the uniqueness of the individual, comparing each woman to a unique jewel such as those generated by their precious designs .

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Balistreri Gioielli d'Arte is a case of success that has entirely involved our Web Agency, from the design of a fully customized and dynamic eCommerce website, to a 360° branding and communication work from the social media management point of view. If you too want to carry out your project with the Stolas Web Agency, fill in the following form or book your free consultation now and without obligation! We will contact you as soon as possible to start our journey towards your success together.

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