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Sector: Clothing
Site: Rome
Dimension: SMEs


From the first contact with the customer, the needs of Benedetta Industries, as well as the challenges involved, were clear. Benedetta Lozzi, the founder, urgently needed an eCommerce portal for the sale of her luxury bikinis and accessories for the summer. Given the period, now very close to summer, the development and launch process should have been as rapid as possible, so as not to miss the season with the best turnover for its sector.

Company info

Benedetta Industries is an Italian brand with over twenty years of experience in the fashion and accessories sector, specialized in the creation of Bikini Luxury. The products are made of high quality materials, meticulously finished and offer a perfect fit.

The results

Launch of the site

- 72H



Traffic (1st year)

+ 180K



The challenge

Benedetta Industries already had an eCommerce site when we accepted the assignment, but it was out of date, hadn't been updated for at least a year and didn't work properly. For this, we had to create a completely new eCommerce, starting from scratch, with the need to finish the process and launch it within a week, so that the site was already available for online purchases for the summer season.


The collaboration with Benedetta Industries provided for our complete intervention from the point of view of design and launch of the eCommerce site, with very short deadlines. For this, we first focused on identifying a satisfactory website template for our client. At the same time, we determined the colors of the brand and the functionalities that we would have to integrate, so that the realization phase was as rapid as possible.

Thanks to the Stolas Web Agency, my site went online in less than 72 hours from the approval of the quote, exactly as I wanted it, generating the first sale within a few days!
Benedetta L.


The first step was to completely clean up the customer's hosting, thus creating a new eCommerce with WordPress + WooCommerce from scratch. Within the first day of work, the site was online, with the graphics selected by Benedetta.

Subsequently, we have uploaded and arranged all the necessary contents, such as texts, images and products. Thanks to a strong collaborative synergy with Benedetta, in just 48 hours the site was ready to accept purchases from users!

Finally, we worked on integrating all the additional features required and verified the security and correct functioning of all eCommerce. Within 72 hours of accepting the quote, Benedetta Industries was online, up and running and ready to sell!

The results

Today Benedetta Industries is an eCommerce that counts thousands of visits per day in the summer / spring period. The purchasing process remains the fulcrum of the portal and thanks to customer and customer feedback, we continue our work incessantly to improve the User Experience more and more, obtaining significant results in terms of turnover, average order value and recurring customers. .

In the last year

Recurring customers




Average value


Are you in?

Benedetta Industries is a real success story, which has tested our reactivity as a Web Agency, creating and launching a complete and functional eCommerce within 72 hours of contact with the customer. If you too want to carry out your project with the Stolas Informatica Web Agency, fill in the following form or book your free consultation now and without obligation! We will contact you as soon as possible to start our journey towards your success together.

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