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Sector: Automotive
Site: Velletri
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FC Motors was able to clearly indicate to us its needs and desired results, right from the first meeting. The company already had a curated site and social media profiles, but these channels weren't getting what they were most interested in: leads. For this, we were asked to rebuild the site and develop a new strategy of online communication and web marketing, that he could convert users into prospects and therefore into customers.

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FC Motors is a company born with the aim of finding the vehicle that best represents the driving needs and satisfaction of the end customer, together with a wide range of pre and post sales services.

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The challenge

The existing FC Motors site was discreet, too simple, and did not provide the right information to the target audience. The company's social media was also managed, but without a communication strategy, a consistent brand image, and a clear conversion message. So we found it necessary to create a new site, that it does not lose the simplicity of use of the previous version, but that it results more reliable and structured, so as to optimize the conversion from user to prospect. From the social point of view instead, we worked on a 'brand image, a editorial plan that reflected business needs and one new graphics consistent and cohesive.


The collaboration with FC Motors included our intervention on all fronts: website, social networks and ads. For this reason, we first focused on the design of a new site, on a new graphic design of social networks and on their communicative approach. The idea was that of give continuity between campaigns, website and social networks, connecting everything so that the user could easily understand what the company's service consists of and how to use it.

The site works a bang! All these leads never got there! Great Stolas Web Agency and thank you!
Federico C.


The first step was to build the new website, proposing a simple design, which communicated the strength of the brand, giving as much importance to the result desired by the customer: the acquisition of leads.

To improve the appearance SEO And Local SEO of the website on Google and in searches in general, we have created pages dedicated to the most sought-after car brands. Thus, the User Experience.

On the social level, we have structured a young and dynamic communication, consistent both with the graphic approach of the brand and with its ambitions. For FC Motors, social media are so important that we have also integrated them into the site itself. The satisfied faces in the car delivery photos speak for themselves!

The results

Today FC Motors is a booming business, to the point of appearing among the 100 companies Growth Leader 2022 of the Sole 24 Ore. Thanks to the work done by the Stolas Web Agency, the website's impressions on Google increased by 450%, resulting in an increase in traffic above the 400% and a conversion in terms of lead acquisition greater than the 550%! As for the social reach, on the other hand, followers on Instagram increased by 200%, resulting in more direct contacts and therefore in a further increase in the prospects acquired!





Are you in?

FC Motors is a real success story, of which we have taken care of practically everything, from the creation of the website, to the communication on social media, focusing on the result requested by our client: the acquisition of leads. If you too want to carry out your project with the Stolas Web Agency, fill in the following form or book your free consultation now and without obligation! We will contact you as soon as possible to start our journey towards your success together.

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