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Sector: multibrand eCommerce
Site: Velletri
Dimension: SMEs


Vetruvian.it's needs were clear right from the first meeting with the customer. An intuitive but very complete online shopping portal, with social media managed in a dynamic and young way. By managing many suppliers and products of different categories, it was necessary to simplify as much as possible the phase of importing the articles, which would then be managed by the internal team.

Company info

Vetruvian.it is a young reality in the multibrand eCommerce sector. Born as an online consumer electronics store, it is rapidly expanding throughout the national territory.

The results





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The challenge

Vetruvian's original eCommerce was developed with an outdated CMS, hardly compatible with the needs of modern online shopping portals. It was therefore necessary to "migrate" the site to a more modern system, with greater support, but above all that would be scalable and easily usable by the internal team for loading and managing, not only the catalog, but general operations.


The collaboration with Vetruvian included our intervention from all fronts: website, social media and ads. For this, we first focused on migrating the site to a lighter and more intuitive CMS. At the same time, we coordinated the new graphics of the portal with the communicative approach on social media, both for organic posts and for sponsored campaigns.

I relied on Stolas Informatica for the management of several web portals abandoned by an unreliable web agency. The difference was obvious right from the start looking at the results they managed to achieve in a very short time!
Federico C.


The first step was to migrate all Vetruvian eCommerce to WooCommerce, building the site from scratch and keeping only the bare essentials of its first version. Within a week of the first meeting with the customer, Vetruvian.it was online and fully functional.

So, we focused on a solution that would allow the in-house team to easily import and manage even thousands of products at a time, leveraging supplier CSVs.

On the social level, we have structured a young and dynamic communication, consistent with both the graphic approach of the brand and its ambitious expansion.

The results

Today Vetruvian is an eCommerce in full expansion. The suppliers and producers who place their trust in it are always growing, as well as the customers, expanded not only thanks to the new deisgn of the site, but also due to the dynamic and reactive management of social channels and the integration with large aggregator portals. for online shopping, such as Trovaprice and ePrice.





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Vetruvian is a real case of success, of which we have taken care of practically everything, from the creation of the eCommerce site, to Social, up to the integrations with the most disparate platforms, both of suppliers and of aggregators for online shoppping. If you too want to carry out your project with the Stolas Web Agency, fill in the following form or book your free consultation now and without obligation! We will contact you as soon as possible to start our journey towards your success together.

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